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In Texas, we tend to have two seasons: Summer, and Almost-Summer. That’s why we rely on our air conditioners to keep our home comfortable and our family healthy. If only ACs lived forever! Unfortunately, most units last an average of 15-20 years. When the time comes to replace your air conditioner, where do you even start? Between various manufacturers, industry standards, and proprietary information, a mountain of research awaits – but Code3 help!


When it comes to selecting a new air conditioner, you want to work closely with a professional you trust. Our staff is highly trained to understand what your house needs in a unit – and what your budget can handle. To get you started, we’ve gathered information on the top brands available and broken down some important terminology. Once you have a solid understanding of the basics, you can set up a consultation with one of our knowledgeable professionals so that we can evaluate your home and help you make the best decision.


Who is American Standard?

American Standard has been providing industry-leading service for over 130 years. In 1969, they worked with NASA by helping design cleaner, more comfortable indoor environments for returning astronauts from the Apollo missions. American Standard was consecutively ranked as the best in overall dealer satisfaction from 2006 to 2011.


American Standard operates under the parent company Ingersoll Rand, which also oversees Trane. Ingersoll Rand works towards their Vision of “a world of sustainable progress and enduring results.” They exist to enhance quality of life, focusing on comfortable, efficient, sustainable environments. Ingersoll Rand values innovation, striving through all of their companies to achieve their goals for a better, healthier future.

replacing old AC system with American Standard

What to Consider when Buying an American Standard AC System


SEER. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration score, abbreviated to SEER, is the industry-wide standard for scoring an air conditioner’s efficiency. The US Department of Energy set a minimum of 14 SEER for any AC unit operating in Texas.


dB Nominal Level. The Decibel Nominal Level, or dB Nominal Level, measures the level of noise a machine outputs during operation. Higher levels mean louder machines.


Energy Star Qualification. To boast the Energy Star logo, an AC unit must pass rigorous regulations. They are required to attain specific SEER scores, as well as Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) scores. Certain materials must be used in the manufacturing of the unit, and it must operate at a minimum of 8% improved efficiency over conventional models.


Cost. Navigating the line between the best a manufacturer can offer and the best your budget can afford is easier than you might think. The most expensive unit isn’t always the best for your unique situation. Determining cost involves more than just the unit; you need to have a professional evaluate your home’s construction and current ductwork to decide which style of unit you need and go from there.


Specs. An air conditioner’s operation can be affected by multiple factors. In addition to energy efficiency and noise, you need to pay attention to the manufacturing materials, finish, and size of the unit. Many websites will powder descriptions with fancy trademarks and unique names, but they do little to explain the pros and cons of specific aspects. Our Code3 staff is well-versed in these components and can help you cut through the fluff to understand what particular benefits a unit has to offer.


Warranty. American Standard warranties require you to register your product within 60 days of install. The available warranties vary by product, and details are listed in the manual which you receive from the installer. American Standard also offers the option for extended warranties. Included warranties are always limited manufacturer warranties; they tend to range from 10-12 years.


Popular Makes and Models


American Standard Air Conditioners fall in one of three Series: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. The primary factor in determining which series a model falls under is the compressor. “Stages” refers to how a compressor runs. A one-stage compressor operates at the same output for every cycle. A two-stage compressor has a high-output and low-output mode based on the adjustments needed within your home. A variable compressor is the most efficient, operating at just the right levels to keep your home comfortable without stressing your machine and energy usage.

American Standard is another popular AC brand. You can read more about the individual units here, however we’ve listed a comparison table below.


Popular Air Conditioning Systems from American Standard

ModelCooling SEER (up to)CompressorPrice
Platinum 2022Variable $$$$$
Platinum 1818Variable $$$$$
Gold 1718Two-Stage$$$$
Silver 1617One-Stage$$$
Silver 1416One-Stage$$
Silver 1315One-Stage$$

The toughest factor to determine when comparing models is cost. The reason for this is that more goes into a price than the unit alone. As mentioned above, you need to have your home evaluated for a variety of factors that come together for a full estimate. Most websites will list cost on a scale of one-to-five dollar signs instead, to help show which units are technically more expensive without using a bunch of numbers that may not apply to you.

Want to Switch to American Standard?

Once you have a basic understanding of what to look for in an air conditioner, it’s time to set up an appointment with one of our professionals. Call us today at 214-734-7775, and our friendly staff will schedule your consultation. Code 3 is here to help you with every step of the process, from selection to installation to maintenance. We’ll make sure you’re on the same page, providing detailed cost estimates so you can keep track of your budget. Our teams will work with your schedule and budget, cutting down on the chaos that can come with switching air conditioners.

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