Carrier AC Product Line

The founder of Carrier, Willis Carrier has been credited with inventing the first modern air conditioner system in 1902 and is a popular brand across North Texas. They offer several energy efficient models which have SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings from 13 up to 21. The higher the SEER rating, the less electricity is taken to cool your home or office. In the state of Texas, the minimum efficiency rating (per the US Department of Energy) is 14.0 SEER.

What is the SEER Rating?

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio indicates how efficiently a cooling system cools your home. It enables you to compare different systems across multiple manufacturers.


Energy Star Certified Systems

Many of Carrier’s  units are Energy Star certified, meaning they use less energy, are less expensive to operate and create less green house emissions than similar models. This is important to home owners and commercial building operators in order to minimize operating costs.


Facts to Consider when Buying a Carrier HVAC System

  • Up front cost: the more efficient the system, the higher the up front cost. The energy savings will pay back over several years.
  • Noise: if your outside unit is near a bedroom, you may want to consider a quieter unit. otherwise it shouldn’t be a factor.
  • Efficiency: the more efficient the unit, the less it will cost you to run, especially in the hot Texas summers. If you are replacing an older unit, it is likely that you will see substantial savings on your electric bill right away.
  • Warranty: Carrier offers a 10 year warranty as long as you register within 90 days of the installation (otherwise it is 5 years) which covers parts including the compressor. Check with Code 3 AC and heat to make sure that labor is also covered.


Carrier AC system used in North Texas homes

Carrier is another of our popular AC brands. You can read more about the individual units here, however we’ve listed a comparison table below.

Popular Air Conditioning Systems from Carrier

ModelCooling SEERSound LevelEnergy star?Price
Infinity 212165Yes$$$
Infinity 19VS1956Yes$$$
Infinity 171767Yes$$$
Infinity 161666Yes$$$
Performance 171772Yes$$
Performance 161672Yes$$
Performance 131374No$$
Comfort 161672Yes$
Comfort 151572No$
Comfort 141472No$
Comfort 131372No$